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Storage Unit Size

The big question. How much space do you need? Below you will find a general guide to assist you in making this decision. Sometimes it is better to be on the safe side and rent a slightly larger storage space. This would particularly hold true in cases where the facility was almost at capacity. In this case if you rented a unit that was too small, you may not be able to upgrade or rent additional space.

In any case, though, you should consult a couple of self storage providers to better assess your needs. They are usually very experienced at assessing customer's needs as they deal with this situation everyday. It is also a wise idea to visit a facility and view the unit sizes so that you have better idea of which size unit you will need. Keep in mind that the various facilities may offer different unit sizes. Always make sure that the unit you choose is capable of fitting your largest piece of furniture.

The following chart can be used as a general guideline.
Click the 'unit size' for an illustrated view.


Size (Ft.)



Vehicle Required

Can Be Used To Store:

. <20 locker car Papers, small boxes
5x5 25 hall closet pick-up Small furniture/boxes
5x10 50 walk-in closet cargo van Bedroom set/living room set
5x15 75 lrg walk-in closet 14' truck small 1-bedroom apartment
10x10 100 Small Bedroom 16' truck 1-bedroom apartment
10x12 120 medium bedroom 20' truck small 2-bedroom apartment
10x15 150 large bedroom 24' truck 2-bedroom apartment
10x20 200 single garage 24' truck 2-bdrm house
10x25 250 large garage 26' truck 3-bdrm house
10x30 300 1 1/2 car garage 30' trailer 4-bdrm house
10x40 400 2 car garage 40' trailer 5-bdrm house/vehicles/commercial