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Types of Self Storage

There are two main types of self storage; shed-type storage and indoor storage. Both types of self storage often consist of sheet metal partition walls and either regular doors or garage-style roll-up doors. Outdoor storage units usually have sheet metal ceilings with lighting inside the units. Indoor storage often has thick wire mesh ceilings to allow circulation as well as access for water from the warehouse sprinkler system in case of fire. For this reason these units often rely on light to filter in from the warehouse. Some storage companies have all units at ground level and others utilize a multi-level design with smaller units on upper floors.

In outdoor storage units, there is usually no control over temperature and humidity. For this reason you should be sure that items you store in these units are not vulnerable to these factors. Thus, for example, you would not want to store archive documents, oil paintings, suede furniture, fur coats, antique furniture or other such items in an outdoor storage unit. Indoor storage units usually cost more but are climate-controlled and a much safer alternative for storing delicate items.

As well as these two main types of self storage, many facilities offer vehicle storage space. Some offer indoor vehicle storage which can allow for storage of vehicles as large as full-size motor homes. Other forms of indoor vehicle storage can involve rack storage of boats and other recreational vehicles. Some storage facilities even offer specialized services such as vehicle storage preparation which can involve fluid treatment, changing or draining and protective covering. Usually vehicle storage is restricted to unprotected outdoor parking spaces.

Even the best self storage facility is susceptible to the occasional mouse getting past it's tough security measures. Storage companies should and usually do have pest control measures in place. These measures may include insect and rodent traps and regular sprayings to combat insect infestation.

The four main enemies of self storage are leaks, humidity, rats and insects. Taking a look at an empty storage unit should tip you off to any possible problems at the facility.

Now it's time to decide what size of storage unit you require.