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Self Storage Contracts

You should always be careful when signing any contract. A storage contract is no different. The following are key parts that you should pay special attention to:

The contract is there to protect both parties but is usually tilted in favor of the party who had it drawn up. The storage facilities use these contracts to protect themselves. One very important element of the contract to pay attention to is the company's right to enter your unit. Most will state that the company will only enter your unit in case of emergency or to seize your items in cases of non-payment. Although, some contracts allow management to move contents from one storage unit to another.

Be aware of provisions for additional costs that may be levied. Some facilities may insist that use buy and use specially approved padlocks from them. Some will charge a fee for access outside of operating hours. They may also charge a fee to clean your unit upon vacancy if you did not do so yourself.

Most storage companies will ask for a refundable deposit upon rental. This deposit is to cover damages that the unit may incur and/or costs incurred in cleaning out your unit should you not leave it in good condition. Check the conditions carefully as occasionally, like the "bad landlord", sometimes the conditions are likely to cost you your deposit even if you are diligent. Like apartment rental contracts, there is no law that requires you be refunded part of your rent if you move out early. However, some contracts due allow for this kind of refund. You should also pay attention to any minimum period that you are required to pay rent for which is usually 7 days through to one month with no maximum.