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Self Storage Security

Just as a lock on a car rarely deters auto-theft, a lock on your storage unit is not the only answer to securing your valuable belongings. Additional measures need to be in place to ensure proper security. In self-storage facilities, these measures can include card-access security gates or doors, closed-circuit video surveillance, security lighting, parameter fencing, live-on-site management and even security guards. Some facilities offer next to no preventative measures.

When choosing your storage company you will want to weigh the security of the facility against the value of your items in storage. The more expensive or invaluable the items, the more likely it is that you will want a state-of-the-art facility. If you are storing firewood, however, a low security outdoor shed may be fine. When making this decision, you should bear in mind that low-security storage facilities make excellent targets for thieves. If items are stolen from a facility with little security, it could be months before the theft is discovered. By this time, evidence may have faded and the criminals will have had plenty of time to escape.