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Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Check the following:
  • Has type of units appropriate for items you want to store. Is it climate-controlled? Items of high value may require solid cement or steel walls, while mesh-walled lockers may be fine for lower value items.
  • Has right size units for your needs and allows for increasing or decreasing space if need be. Having to store your belongings at different facilities can be very inconvenient.
  • The facility has sufficient security measures in place. Storage areas can be prime targets for burglary if there is not adequate security to deter it.
  • Hours of access to your self-storage unit are acceptable. Some storage units offer 24-hour card access while others may only be open regular business hours.
  • Units are clean and well-maintained to ensure safe storage of your belongings.
  • Pest control measures are in place. Even the cleanest facilities can encounter pest problems and should take preventative measures.
  • Units allow easy access for your moving vehicle. Having moving crews walk a long distance between the truck and the storage unit can prove to be very expensive.
  • Read your rental contract thoroughly to avoid any nasty surprises.